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MG_9082-200x300The role of FFLGuard’s National Coordinating Counsel (“NCC”), currently held by Christopher M. Chiafullo of The Chiafullo Group, LLC, is to serve as the main hub between all clients participating in the FFLGuard program (“the Program”) and counsel, subject matter experts and/or professionals acting on their behalf. A deeper look at FFLGuard’s NCC can be found in this 2005 article penned by writer David Hirschman.

The NCC’s office is the main hub between FFLGuard clients and all subject matter experts, counsel and professionals in the Program.  The NCC also hand-picks and engages outside lawyers (like those in the Attorney Advisory Group) to assist Program clients; secures the sanctity of the attorney-client privilege among all parties; disseminates information to FFLGuard clients without breaking anonymity; oversees the collection of all participation fees from clients; disburses of FFLGuard client fees to “promote, market, advertise and administer the Program”; determines the policies and overall direction of the Program; deals with with ATF or intervenes in ATF inspections – or – responds to any client who has any questions or concerns related to any areas of the law that would be enforced by ATF; is the ultimate arbiter of which FFLGuard clients have complied adequately with the FFLGuard Law Plus Guidelines; and generally grows the client participation in the Program.


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