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FFLGuard’s Attorney Advisory Group is comprised of attorneys who are peerless in the field of firearms law.  They are engaged to work for the FFLGuard Program at the direction of its National Coordinating Counsel (“NCC”).  This Group works for FFLGuard clients as a whole from a fraction of the yearly fees collected from its clients.  This Group’s attorneys lend their experienced opinions and advice whenever necessary and FFLGuard is fortunate to have the following counsel providing guidance to its constituency.

John RenzulliFFLGuard’s Preferred Counsel on Civil Litigation Policy, brings his vast firearms litigation experience to the Program by offering his guidance to FFLGuard clients on all issues related to civil lawsuits aimed at retail firearms dealers. Mr. Renzulli, who actually coined the “Law Plus” term used by the Group, has a familiarity with defending firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers that is unmatched by any lawyer in the country.  Mr. Renzulli’s practice is located in New York.

Christopher Renzulli is a partner with the Renzulli Law Firm, and is its Preferred Counsel for Civil Litigation Matters.  Mr. Renzulli’s specialized practice focuses on the firearms industry in many capacities, including the defense of product defect claims, preparation of product literature, conducting recalls and retrofits, and ATF compliance.

Dr. Stephen HalbrookFFLGuard’s Preferred Counsel for Constitutional Affairs and Application, lends his input to the Program regarding the constitutionality of firearms-related matters and cases. He updates FFLGuard clients through intermittent emails and briefs, and participates in individual client matters as requested by the NCC.

C.D. “Chuck” MichelFFLGuard’s Preferred Counsel for California Legislation and Litigation, provides all FFLGuard clients with guidance on selling into and out of California, a highly-specific and complex legal arena, and also participates in individual client matters as requested by the NCC.  Chuck also oversees a specific add-on segment of the Program dedicated to California FFLs: FFLGuard’s California Yearly Service Plan.

David GoldmanFFLGuard‘s Preferred Counsel for NFA Trust Issues, brings over 20 years of business experience to the Program’s clients. Mr. Goldman writes the Gun Trust Lawyer blog which deals with gun trusts, and consults directly to the FFLGuard program and their NFA-Yearly Service Plan clients.


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