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The role of FFLGuard LLC’s Subject Matter Experts (“SMEs”) is to assist (1) the FFLGuard Program’s National Coordinating Counsel (“NCC”), (2) particular clients participating in the FFLGuard program (“the Program”), and (3) specialized counsel, other SMEs and Professionals, all at the sole direction of the NCC.  FFLGuard’s SMEs are either specialized firearms counsel or have no less than 25 years experience with ATF as either a Special Agent or as part of its Senior Executive Service.

FFLGuard’s SMEs deal directly with HOT FFLGuard clients who the NCC determines to be in critical or compromised condition; handles all high-profile risk management and damage control scenarios for FFLGuard; works to further the Program’s goals from with ATF and the ATF Association; and accomplishes whatever tasks may be issued from the NCC.

Currently, FFLGuard’s SMEs include:

Jim Zammillo joined FFLGuard in 2011.  He is the principal in his own consulting company – Ponte Nuovo Consulting, LLC – and assumes this role after 40 years of ATF service, most recently as the Deputy Assistant Director of Field Operations (Industry Operations).  He currently acts as FFLGuard’s Director of Compliance and oversees client compliance, consistency and quality control in the Program’s requirements, as well as the personnel in the Professional Services Branch.

Michael Bouchard joined FFLGuard in 2011 as its ATF Liaison and Operational Security (“OpSec”) Specialist. He currently serves as the Chief Security Officer for Sterling Global Operations, a private security firm, and is President of Security Dynamics Group LLC, a professional OpSec consulting service.

Scot Thomasson became part of the FFLGuard program in 2012 and currently serves as its Public Relations Specialist.  He is a highly decorated former federal agent with more than 25 years of experience, specifically as ATF’s Chief of Public Affairs and Chief of the Firearms Operations Division. He has planned, partici­pated in and supervised numerous high risk operations in the field, as well as spearheaded the development and execution of successful media management strategies.

Rick Vasquez joined FFLGuard in 2014 and currently serves as its Technical Advisor for National Firearms Act, Manufacturing and Import Activities. Rick had an extensive career serving his country, including time with ATF in its Firearms Technology Branch, where he did a detail as its Chief.

Mark Finnerty joined FFLGuard in 2016 and currently serves as its Import/Export Specialist. He is the principal of DL Exports, Inc. and has over 20 years of international trade experience with ITAR, export compliance programs, training programs, and SAP/GTS implementation and operation.

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