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The staff of FFLGuard LLC‘s Professional Services Branch (“PSB”), better known as our “Professionals,” are key personnel for the Program serving in the field. Each of these Professionals — either attorneys or former/retired ATF Investigators — bring a wealth of experience from years of legal practice or as an ATF employee.

The Professionals from the PSB are experts in ATF relations, and are frequently dispatched to assist FFLGuard clients — and assist ATF Investigators — during ATF compliance inspections. The Professionals also conduct “drop-in visits” (DIVes) on FFLGuard clients at the request of the client or the direction of FFLGuard‘s National Coordinating Counsel (“NCC”). These DIVes are conducted to assess a client’s vulnerability during an ATF compliance inspection, and measure the clients compliance with FFLGuard‘s Law Plus Guidelines.

All FFLGuard Professionals serve to advance FFLGuard‘s mission and status, educate clients, enhance FFLGuard’s national presence, and act as ambassadors of the Program with current ATF personnel.

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry