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Unlike an employee in a retail gun store, professionals must routinely bill travel time (as well as costs and expenses) when working for a client.  If we are “on the road” for your benefit, and cannot do other work, we need to “recapture” that lost time.  Accordingly, all of FFLGuard’s Basic and Additional Services do not include travel fees, costs and expenses, which are subject to your payment of a retainer – over and above any Yearly Fee – in advance of the rendering of any legal services.

Paying for costs and expenses is usually something that a client readily accepts.  All FFLGuard Personnel travel at “blue collar” rates, so there are no first-class accommodations necessary for us to work with you.  And because we are a national presence, all FFLGuard personnel reduces their billable rate from their normal and customary hourly rate when traveling to and from your location.  In special circumstances, such as for our Elite or Legacy clients, our travel fees (but not costs or expenses) are reduced even further or possibly to nothing at all.

We attempt to give you estimates in advance of such travel so you are not surprised by an invoice when we issue it to you later.  We understand that these are not out-of-pocket expenditures that may be routine in the ordinary course of business for an FFL, which is why we attempt to make these charges as manageable as possible, and appreciate our clients willingness to work with us on this so as to deliver the best possible service!

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry