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approved service providersAt FFLGuard, we take pride in the fact that our clients are “safer bets.” Our clients do more, do it better, and have distinguished themselves as “the best of the best” in the world of Federal Firearms Licensees. To that end, it is our firm position that FFLGuard clients should get better rates, superior deals, and greater service accommodations by any firearms industry service provider seeking to do business with them. Since our clients do more, they deserve more. And they don’t need the continuing hassle of managing the deal negotiations, customer support and troubleshooting issues that a “regular” customer would handle. At FFLGuard, attending to and advocating for our clients’ needs is our job.

In furtherance of this position, FFLGuard strategically aligns our interests with a select few firearms industry service providers, and we bestow on them our “Approved Service Provider” (ASP) seal of approval. Specifically, to be an FFLGuard ASP, the service provider must deliver a greater value to FFLGuard clients than it otherwise delivers to any other FFL, and the ASP must agree in advance to allow FFLGuard to continuously represent and advocate on behalf of the entire FFLGuard client base — at all times — in order to assure sustained value and support for FFLGuard clients. So if an FFLGuard client has a problem with an ASP, they make one phone call: to us. We take it from there. No problems, no headaches, no worries… FFLGuard keeps the ASP in line with our clients’ expectations. It’s that simple.

As FFLGuard grows, we will designate ASPs in areas such as insurance programs, crisis communications, tech support, import/export services, and others areas. Currently, we are proud to showcase the following ASPs as those who deliver excellence and value to FFLGuard clients:

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry