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FFLGuard is available to all valid federal firearm licensees at a set, yearly fee (currently $2,495 per FFL). Corporate Programs are available for retail dealers with multiple stores and FFL’s. By participating in the Program, a retail firearms dealer enjoys an active attorney/client relationship which delivers certain Basic Services that provide education, training, and rapid response relative to firearms-specific legal and federal firearms license-related issues. FFLGuard also delivers Additional Services to enhance the client’s internal controls and business practices to a level beyond reproach.

Consider the Group’s Basic Services to be like a doctor prescribing cholesterol mediation (i.e., proactive implementation of more sophisticated business practices) to a patient in order to ultimately avoid open heart surgery (i.e., BATF revocation proceedings, defense of a civil lawsuit) for heart disease. FFLGuard’s Additional Services are the added things – like, let’s say, exercise – a patient would do to reinforce the use of medication. It is the same doctor doing the work, just that the pro-active process (use of Basic Services and Additional Services) is a whole lot less painful, less mentally taxing, and less expensive to the patient (client) than the reactive operation. FFLGuard’s Basic Services act as that cholesterol medication, and our Additional Services act as exercise. It’s that simple.

What’s the very first form of medication given to FFLGuard clients? That’s simple, too: it’s our Law Plus Guidelines (“the Guidelines” or “the LPG’s”).

There is NO Dummies Guide on ATF Compliance, but this is as close as it gets.

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry