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Who is Responsible for Your FFL?

With 2017 firmly upon us, most of us in the firearms industry have found ourselves bouncing from city to city, attending annual events and trade shows. In the past two weeks, FFLGuard was present at United Sporting Companies’ Annual Dealer Show in Columbia, SC and NSSF’s Annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV. And right now we are gearing-up to attend Sports, Inc.’s Annual Outdoor Sporting Goods Show in Phoenix, AZ.

It appears as though we are not traveling alone. Within the first three weeks of this new year, FFLGuard has already been informed of multiple ATF Compliance Inspections opened in the States of IN, IL, ID, NC, NJ and (of course) CA. Your Federal Firearms License (“FFL”) may be immediately under attack if a Responsible Person (“RP”) is not present when the ATF inspectors arrive. I urge all FFL holders to reflect for a moment about who your RPs are and their availability during times like this when outside business calls you away.

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry