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Protect yourself, and your business. Your FFL may not be as easily replaced as you think.

FFLGuard is a flat-fee legal service and firearms compliance program (“the Program”) run by attorneys, who employ various subject matter experts, professionals and para-professionals from a consulting company, FFLGuard LLC, all of whom are specialists in the area of firearms law and ATF/firearms compliance.

The FFLGuard Program protects its clients’ FFLs through delivering PROACTIVE compliance services in the most effective business model in the firearms compliance world: Advocacy and Risk Management (“ARM”). The “ARM” business model provides the greatest possible protection for an FFL in a world where risk-aversion to losing your license should be top priority.

By paying one Yearly Fee and following FFLGuard’s Law Plus Guidelines, participants in the Program share in one, aligned joint defense effort, and rely on legal counsel (far different than one-off piece of “coaching” from any trade group’s purported “expert”) to oversee the organization-wide effort by the FFLGuard team to assist, counsel, and provide legal support for the client collective.

When you join the Program, you become part of a fraternity… a collective… a group of like-minded businesses seeking a common goal: robust firearms sales, in compliance with the law (and then some!), and free from scrutiny by the government or anti-gun crusaders.


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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry