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Don’t think that if you’re not from New York, you can’t be sued there for how you sell firearms.

For the last decade, firearms manufacturers and distributors – who would otherwise be fierce competitors – banded together to successfully pool their resources to fend off plaintiffs’ attacks by various municipalities and anti-gun organizations designed to cripple them financially. Through a unified front, the manufacturers and distributors retained the best legal counsel available to represent them, and this joint defense repeatedly quashed those seeking to bankrupt the industry by lawsuit.

Because of these victories, anti-gun advocates have zeroed in on a new target in the chain of firearms distribution: the retail firearms dealer.  A series of lawsuits designed and endorsed by anti-gun activists and the mayor of New York City continue to take aim at retail firearms dealers with substandard business practices, hoping to either put the dealer out of business with the lawsuit or force the dealer into a settlement agreement that is onerous and not endorsed by the firearms industry.  The next retail firearms dealer named in such a lawsuit could be you.

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry