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HelpDesk Solution of the Week
FFLGuard’s HelpDesk Solution of the Week

Identification – Multiple Addresses

Question: A customer ordered a handgun for transfer. He filled out 4473 properly, but his license did not match the current address he listed. We asked for his permit to see if it matched, and it had a different address on it. the permit was renewed today. So in total he had 3 different addresses. He said the one he listed is a condo he shares for work or something of that nature. We told him he needed to go get his permanent address updated on his license. Should we ask for utility bills to go along with the updated license? He has already filled the form and signed/dated; however we did not proceed with a NICS once we saw the address issue.

Solution: Identification is one of the most critical aspects of the Form 4473.  That, the Brady check and Items 11 and 12 pretty much determine purchaser eligibility to acquire a firearm from you.  Having multiple address references as this individual does…


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