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HelpDesk Solution of the Week
FFLGuard’s HelpDesk Solution of the Week


A&D Recording – Manufacturer/Importer/Brand Name

Question: When logging firearms into our A&D records we record the manufacturer/importer as required. After the importer we record the brand name, if any, if it differs from the manufacturer and importer in parentheses. The information in parentheses may or may not be marked on the gun. We include it because it is “the best information available” and helps identify the firearm. Example: To identify a Savage model 330 pump shotgun our entry in the manufacturer/importer box would be as follows: Sun City Machinery Co., Ltd/Savage Arms Inc (Stevens). Is this correct? In the model box we would record “330”. If any other identifying information is not marked but known, we generally include that in parentheses in the appropriate box. For example, Henry Repeating Arms often does not list the model on the firearm. For these we would record, “unmarked (Big Boy) in the model box. The reason I am asking is that I searched in the Help Desk for “recording manufacturer and importer”. In your “Revision Date 07/25/2015 you recommended for the brand name to be in the model box. However, from earlier discussions with FFLGuard and ATF we thought we were correct by putting it in parentheses after the manufacturer and importer. We don’t think of the brand name as a manufacturer, importer, or model, but it is certainly helpful identifying information. Is it correct either way?

Solution: Technically, the only information that should be in the required fields is the information that ATF requires.  While the information you note can be very helpful for tracing purposes, it does have potential….


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