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  ATF Culture Shift: Agents focused more on regulations, not violent crime   A recent Washington Post article discussed a change in strategy at ATF. Opposed to focusing on violent crime the articles describes the agency's focus on firearms dealers and wholesalers. The reporter is quoted as saying, "["guns are the problem, and access to guns are the problem, rather than the criminal being the direct indicator of crime.?]
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  Featured FFLGuard Compliance Solution       Each client can access our HelpDesk 24/7 by telephone, e-mail or website for solutions on any and all ATF or firearms-specific legal and compliance questions.   > Read more about services provided to each client  
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  Chiafullo's BLOG - Insights from the firearms industry's legal & compliance thought leader!       No Better Time Than the Present Posted 7-28-2014   FFLs should view this lull in sales as a great time of opportunity to get their compliance house in order...Read More!  
  A Great Way to Get Your Compliance House in Order...   Perform a RecordSentinel Review By letting FFLGuard perform a RecordSentinel; you are allowing us to spot-check your A&D and 4473 forms remotely. Simply fax or email a sampling of each form to us! It's quick, efficient, and a great tool to protect your business from costly record-keeping errors. Best of all, each client receives a complimentary RecordSentinel as part of their annual Program participation. Clients call 1-888-335-4731 or email info@FFLGuard.com to get yours today! Click here to read more!

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