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** FFLGuard’s Client Relations Team helps all clients get the most out of the Program….**

There are a LOT of moving parts in the FFLGuard Program, and in the FFLGuard organization as a whole.  Just take a look at our ORGANIZATION CHART, which isn’t in the traditional hierarchy form that most entities utilize.  It is more like a “gearbox” with cogs that turn in tandem with all other cogs.  Remove one cog, and the rest don’t turn efficiently.  It’s that simple.

To help clients understand which of the moving FFLGuard cogs or gears is most applicable to what they may want or need from the Program, FFLGuard has an entire team of dedicated personnel ready to assist.  They are the FFLGuard Client Relations Team.

Specifically, FFLGuard employs a whole group of people to handle all Administration, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion for the organization in a subsidiary called FFLGuard AMAP Services.  Many of you have dealt with AMAP through our Finance Manager, Esther Roberts, for assistance with payment issues.  However, there is a whole other segment of AMAP dedicated to helping clients navigate the FFLGuard Program and organization including our Client Relations Manager, Bryan Chiafullo.

The Client Relations Team will not only field your calls if you aren’t sure who you need within FFLGuard to help you, but also reached out to you periodically to make sure you are getting the most out of the Program.  You can reach any of the Client Relations Team by email or by calling 888-335-4731 x5.

It doesn’t cost you a single penny more to talk to these folks, so use them as you see fit!

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry