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** Changes to ATF Administrative Action Order make operational security oversight paramount for FFLs - FFLGuard's OpSec Yearly Service Plan delivers ongoing security solutions for our clients.**

For months, we have been advising our clients that ATF changed its inspection protocols so that just one missing gun could trigger an administrative action against a licensee.  Our ATF Liaison and OpSec Coordinator, Michael Bouchard, heads up our OpSec - Yearly Service Plan to insure that all clients have access to a specialist in the field at a flat yearly rate.  The benefits of the OpSec - YSP are plentiful, and available only to FFLGuard clients.

The OpSec - YSP includes its own set of custom Law Plus Guidelines, its own eBlasts, ComStat updates as to criminal hotspots in your area, "FaceTime" opportunities with Mike to discuss your operation, a "one call" point-of-contact to help logistics in case of a catastrophic event, webinars, and access to OpSec documents in the Clients-Only Website library.  Participants in the OpSec - YSP also gain access to Mike for other OpSec services outside the YSP, including the development of security related policies and procedures for your licensed premises, creation of business continuity and resiliency plans, threat/vulnerability assessments of your operation, enhanced background checks through Intellicorp, and other due dilligence/investigative services.

Addressing operational security has other benefits for an FFL, too.  Aside from side-stepping a potential trip-wire that could trigger an ATF administrative action, it could also be used by your defense counsel to show how you "do more" than the rules and regulations require, thereby thwarting a finding of "wilfulness" by ATF during a revocation proceeding.

Believe me when I tell you, the next hot topic for all FFLs in the coming years will be operational security.  "Missing guns" will be the pretext to tee up revocation proceedings more and more as the screws are tightened by the Obama Administration.

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