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** New Professional Tom Armstrong brings joint ATF and OSHA/EPA experience to FFLGuard....  **

In the wake of what I told clients back in January, and again wrote about in my April 25, 2013 BLOG, FFL's have seen an increase in not only ATF regulatory activity, but also regulatory action by other governmental agencies like OSHA and IRS.  While we will leave the accounting to the accountants, a large majority of our clients also face scrutiny from OSHA, with no one to turn to for help.  We at FFLGuard heard your cry!

Effective immediately, we are making our OSHA/EPA Professional, Tom Armstrong, available to all clients.  Previously, Tom worked exclusively with only our larger FFLGuard clients, but it has become abundantly clear that no one is safe from the "regulatory squeeze" being put on FFL's in this political climate. 

The wonderful thing about Tom is that he previously worked for ATF as their OSHA/EPA "go-to" guy, to insure they were operating in compliance with OSHA/EPA standards.  With that said, Tom's experience touching all three regulatory agencies makes him absolutely one of a kind.

We at FFLGuard plan to roll out an OSHA-Yearly Service Plan later in the year to combat potential predatory action by that agency against any of our clients, but in the interim I urge you to consider an "OSHA DIVe." Similar to the DeepDIVes we do related to ATF Compliance, an OSHA DIVe is conducted by Tom on your premises, and results in an attorney-client privileged vulnerability assessment to address your OSHA issues BEFORE their inspectors show up for an inspection.  I further suggest this OSHA DIVe is almost an absolute necessity for any of our clients with ranges.

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