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** Best practices for use of the FFLGuard HelpDesk... ** Use of our HelpDesk to answer all of your questions is part of the Basic Services provided to you in your yearly fee. Per the Agreement that you signed when you joined, as well as on every stitch of printed material related to the Program, the amount of HelpDesk time allocated to each client is one hour, unless you have moved up from a BASIC client to an ELITE client in our SERVICE TIERS, in which case your HelpDesk time is unlimited. You can keep track of every HelpDesk question that you've ever posed in your Account area within the Clients-Only Website. A good rule of thumb is that 5 to 6 questions usually tally up to an hour. At that point, the system automatically notifies you that your hour is depleted, and you are given the option to purchase an new allotment of time. If you choose not to pay for a new allocation of HelpDesk time, your hour will automatically be replenished upon next year's renewal. A good way to manage your HelpDesk time is to explore our Library in the Clients-Only Website before firing over a question. Chances are we may have already addressed it in the past!

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry