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** A new FFLGuard Additional Service is available for clients to handle media management and crisis communications: the Public Relations - Legal Service Plan **

Picture this: You open the morning paper to find the name of your gun store splashed around as the source of a firearm used in a horrific, high-profile crime.  News trucks are already in your parking lot, and telephone calls begin to pour in from various media outlets looking to dissect the sale of the firearm in question.  Media assaults immediately begin... your reputation and years of hard work are immediately subject to character assassination.

The scenario above describes our worst nightmare and a terrible tragedy: a firearm you sold is used by a criminal to harm innocent people.  Unfortunately, the above scenario also describes the reality of the environment in which we live, where the media will focus not on the criminal act or those responsible but will seek to vilify you, the retail firearms dealer, instead.  And it doesn't matter that you may have sold the firearm several years earlier and it was a perfectly legal sale.  With today’s 24 hour news cycle,  the damage to you, your business, and your future may be unrecoverable.  Why take a chance in a world that no longer accepts “no comment” or sees your efforts to avoid the press as an admission of guilt in the court of public opinion when you can make one call?  An that call is to us: FFLGuard.

With everything riding on so little, FFLGuard saw the need to provide public relations services to its clients for a fixed and affordable rate. In doing so, FFLGuard launched its Public Relations- Legal Services Plan this month, which provides the preparation and protection needed for a media onslaught before it happens.

Additionally, the PR-LSP will assist you in creating better public relations, community support and regional branding and promote your positive influence and standing in the community.  By teaming with the professionals at Thomasson Global Consultants, FFLGuard can now provide fixed rate, world class and high octane PR services to FFLGuard clients dealing with media scrutiny.

Thomasson Global Consultants have several decades of professional experience in dealing with the media during critical incidents within the law enforcement and firearms community.  That, coupled with their clear understanding of laws, rules and regulations that govern firearms transfers, police procedures, and media procedures, ensures that you survive any media tsunami if it hits.

Why roll the dice with your future?  Call FFLGuard today and inquire more about the Public Relations - Legal Services Plan.

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