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** All clients are entitled to FFLGuard HelpDesk access as part of the Basic Services they receive yearly…. **

Many clients ask questions about how to access the HelpDesk.  I figured that a refresher email would not hurt!

As you are all aware, your participation in FFLGuard includes certain Basic Services. Those services include, but are not limited to, access to our HelpDesk.

The HelpDesk is where every client can go to obtain a single, uniform, and confirmed by ATF answer to legal questions regarding gun sales under an FFL.  You can access the HelpDesk three different ways:

By simply picking up the telephone and calling 888-FFL-GRD1 and hitting x3, you will be directed to a LIVE CALL CENTER where you can submit a HelpDesk question. Alternatively, the HelpDesk can be accessed right at the CLIENTS-ONLY website by clicking HelpDesk>Legal Questions.  In a pinch, you can always send an email to helpdesk@fflguard.com, too.  All these methods will work to get your question to us!

At that point, you will be contacted — either by email or by phone — to further the process along. We provide a baseline, “letter of the law,” tentative answer usually within 48 hours by email.

All HelpDesk Solutions, as answered for each and every client, can be found in the CLIENTS-ONLY website library, which is fully searchable. In light of ATF’s usual failure to provide consistent direction, we ask all clients to rely on us to obtain “official” Solutions to questions and thereafter advise everyone within FFLGuard as to what that Solution. We stand behind all HelpDesk Solutions… which is exactly what you pay for each year, and precisely what you need when getting compliance related advice… particularly when your reliance on this advice keeps is the difference between a healthy or compromised FFL!

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry