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** This January, you can meet up with FFLGuard lawyers, subject matter experts, and professionals at various trade shows to discuss your participation in our Program! **

You have been identified in our system as people who either have interest in potentially joining us at FFLGuard, or who we think would be a good fit with our Program.  We simultanwously educate our client base while safeguarding them ATF revocation.  We are, without question, the gold standard in ATF/Firearms Compliance legal services and have hit new heights in terms of participating clients.  We would love to talk with you about joining us while we either display our booth or simply walk around at any of the upcoming trade shows this January.

In the near future, we will have personnel at the Camfour Show in CT , the Ellett Brothers Show in SC , the SHOT Show in Vegas and the AcuSport Business Conference in TX .  Specifically, at the AcuSport Business Conference, on 1/23 @ 8.30am, we will be giving an educational seminar where we discuss current ATF/Firearms Compliance issues and trends, and all are invited at no cost.

If you haven't done so, please complete our questionnaire and arrange for a time to meet up with us to talk about how it is FFLGuard can keep you in business as we move into uncertain and turbulent times in the industry.  Here's the questionnaire link:

FFLGuard Prospective Client Questionnaire

There's no obligation whatsoever if you complete the questionnaire, so don't feel as though you're locking yourself into anything.  We look forward to hopefully making a fruitful business connection with you over the course of this next month.

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry