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** Get a load of FFLGuard.tv and our vBlast! **


Since I am intent on staying ahead of the curve on compliance, it only stood to reason that we would start our own “channel” to air compliance related videos.  Thus, we are proud to remind you of www.fflguard.tv for not only our clients, but all FFL’s, to enjoy.

On FFLGuard.tv, viewers will be able to review the latest in FFLGuard publicly available videos , industry related videos , and from ATF.  We encourage you to “subscribe” to our FFLGuard.tv channel to stay current on compliance-related happenings!

One special playlist available on FFLGuard.tv is our vBlast.  This quick video will recap our past month’s eCommunications to all, and hopefully inspire new clients to join us while jogging current clients’ memories on what they received from us during the past month.  The vBlast will also feature reports from the field and our feature “HelpDesk Q&A of the Month” for everyone to enjoy.

In the end, FFLGuard.tv is just another way of ours to keep you in touch with compliance, because if you aren’t out front of a possible ATF revocation, well… you know how hard it is to get past one!

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