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“Having three locations means keeping three sets of books and training a lot of staff. I can’t be everywhere at once, but with the training from FFLGuard I know m my stores are compliant and ready for an ATF audit. I can rest easy knowing if something comes up FFLGuard is there to help us fight our legal battle as well.”
Matt & Dana Janes, Second Amendment Sports



“Part of United Sporting Companies’ decision to work with FFLGuard was that many of the people in their organization were high level, former ATF professionals. In some cases, they were even the ones who wrote the ATF procedures. Having FFLGuard made it so we could immediately get to the right sources in ATF to get accurate answers…. ‘Best practices’ alone are never good enough for what we do. And that’s a big part of why we work with FFLGuard and rely on their ‘Best-In-Class’ counsel and advice. We believe so strongly in them that we have sponsored FFLGuard’s Firearms Compliance 101 and 102 OnLine training for all retail dealers who participate in their Program.”
Brad Johnson, United Sporting Companies CEO

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Shooting Sports Retailer listed FFLGuard as the #1 MUST HAVE TOOLS OF THE TRADE!

There is strength in numbers — Any issue that threatens your FFL is serious.
Jerry Stehman, owner of Jerry’s Outdoor Sports in Grand Junction, Colorado, thought he was one of the good guys. [Read more…]

Firearms Solutions in Duncan, OK

“So far every word you guys have told us has saved our ASS and our BUSINESS. After listening to you guys the last two years and all the training seminars this year we fixed ourselves. Our inspector is impressed with the way we do everything from the A&D books to the electronic 4473’s, we do not have 1 single piece of inventory missing. This is our very first inspection in 6 years of business and luckily I did a internal audit of our books last week, and will do an audit every month from now on instead of every quarter!


Derrick Tanner – VP Training Operations, Firearms Solutions in Duncan, OK

Diamondback Police Supply

To be honest, over the past couple of years, due in part to having two prior audits with no violations, I was asking myself whether the money spent to be a client of FFLGuard was worth it. Chris and his team taught us well, we know the law, we know procedures, and my staff is conscientious… so why continue shelling out the bucks for something we didn’t think we “needed” any more. To say that this most recent ATF audit removed any doubt about the value of FFLGuard to clients like me is a gross understatement. Without the guidance, support, and expertise of the FFLGuard personnel, my business and the livelihood of all my employees could have been jeopardized and possibly ended. My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to the entire FFLGuard organization, who had our backs and helped us through this ordeal. I know we wouldn’t have survived this audit as relatively unscathed as we did without FFLGuard being there for us.

And, of course, thank you for all that you do and all that you represent on behalf of FFL holders throughout the country.

Douglas MacKinlay, Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, AZ
(520) 886-8338

Orca Arms, LLC

Having FFLGuard on your team is like having a highly skilled mobile tactical squad working with you on many levels. In our case they came in immediately, assessed the risk, and employed a team of specialized and highly effective individuals to neutralize the threats while providing a road map to get our business on track. The FFLGuard team is just incredible, and they were able to effect what we needed with astonishing results.

Guy Mizrachi, Orca Arms LLC in Yuma, AZ and San Diego, CA
(858) 586-0503

Fletcher Arms

We first hired another group to do a review of our compliance levels, and that ended up to be money wasted. I wanted someone to show us our weaknesses so we could improve, and that simply did not happen. We hired FFLGuard after that, and realized that we had major vulnerabilities that the first group completely missed. Thankfully, through its “FreshStart” program, FFLGuard helped us with business planning and reorganization as well as obtaining a new FFL, to ensure the long-term viability and continuity of our operation. FFLGuard knew exactly what we needed to do and knew exactly what we needed to provide to ATF, and we were able to accomplish everything quickly and seamlessly.

Sean & Megan Eaton, Fletcher Arms in Waukesha, WI
(262) 549-4488

DFW Gun Range and Training Center

We recently went through an ATF compliance inspection, and we think we had a really great audit thanks to our work with FFLGuard. We have worked hard to stay in compliance with the things that FFLGuard taught us and it seems that it really works for us. We appreciate FFLGuard’s help and their Law Plus Guidelines really shaped us up- FFLGuard gave us confidence that this ATF compliance inspection would be much better than past inspections, and we are sure that it was.

Jim Pisoni, DFW Gun Range and Training Center in Dallas, TX
(214) 630-4866

Village Pawn & Gun Shop

We are so grateful to FFLGuard for helping us to reach a reasonable settlement agreement with ATF in lieu of revocation. We came in “hot” and FFLGuard was very helpful in guiding us as to our options, as well as in hammering out a reasonable deal with ATF. We highly recommend that other FFLs join FFLGuard before they become a “hot” case. We cant wait to work with FFLGuard from this point forward so that we are in compliance well beyond that of ATF requirements. Thank you Chris Chiafullo, Scott Braum, and James Zammillo for handing this matter with the expertise that we needed!

Jennifer Baggett, Village Pawn & Gun Shop in Wadesboro, NC
(704) 694-6266

North Georgia Traders

Equipped with a vast legal knowledge and a no nonsense approach, Chris Chiafullo and his FFLGuard team have been an irreplaceable asset in our legal battle against the ATF. They offer a professional service with a personal touch. If you’re looking for results as an FFL dealing with ATF, look no farther than FFLGuard.

Erica Turner, North Georgia Traders in Cleveland, GA
(706) 878-7998

Open Range Sports

I’ve been with FFLGuard for years.  They are the best advocate I could find, to protect MY business and MY FFL, at an affordable rate.  I was curious when a firearms manufacturer’s trade association announced it was offering a ‘visitation for fee’ service to examine retail FFL’s compliance with ATF policy.  Unfortunately, a manufacturer’s trade association does not represent nor speak solely for retail FFL’s, no matter how they attempt to spin it. They have competing and conflicting interests with questionable influence from manufacturers.  FFLGuard has no conflicting interests.  They are pure, unadulterated advocates for a retail FFL like mine, with the both the power and knowledge to protect me and my business.

Barry Laws, Open Range Sports in Crestwood, KY 
(502) 243-8282

Far West Gun & Supply

[During our last ATF inspection, we] actually got a totally clean bill of health – no violations at all. [ATF] found a couple of small items that we were able to correct on the spot and everybody was happy. [Our FFLGuard Professional, Jimmy Skinner, and I] had several long nights getting things in order, and thanks to Jimmy’s guidance, we were able to pull it off! YIPPIEE YAHOO! …I want to give my personal thanks to Mr. Skinner for all his very professional help. Without his guidance I don’t think we would have fared as well as we did. Of course, when the inspectors see the FFLGuard decal right under the open sign, I believe that really does change their attitude as they walk in the door. One of the inspectors asked me: “Just what does FFLGuard do for you?” I told them that it gives me a degree of confidence that I would not have if I was alone. Just knowing that you guys are watching my back is very comforting. Thank you for being there!!

Jerry Payne, Far West Gun & Supply in Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 569-2922

Red’s Trading Post

Our gun shop, Red’s Trading Post, was in business for 105 years before we got into hot water with ATF.  Without FFLGuard, I don’t think our situation would have ever been adequately resolved and I surely would have lost my FFL. There are two options when it comes to dealing with an FFL revocation: “The Big Fight” or FFLGuard.  We originally chose “The Big Fight” because FFLGuard was not available at the time, so I have seen both options first hand and whole-heartedly recommend FFLGuard.

To those who think they can take on the ATF with “The Big Fight,” I ask:

Do you have at least 3 1/2 years to devote to this fight? (Ours lasted that long.)

Do you have over $200,000 to fight this? (We paid just that much BEFORE we got to court.)

Do you have almost no clerical errors whatsoever? (Many dealers think that their errors are “minor” and that the Judge will be on their side, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.)

IF you do prevail in court, what is to prevent you from not going through this again?

My goal is to make sure that no one goes through what we have been through, which is why I am adamant about others participating in FFLGuard.  Because of the lawyers at FFLGuard, we’ll be in business at least another 105 years and beyond.

Ryan Horsley, Red’s Trading Post in Twin Falls, ID 
(208) 733-3546

Jerry’s Outdoor Sports

Before I started to participate in FFLGuard, I was in business for over 25 years.  I had been inspected a few times, but I had never had any major problems with ATF or otherwise.  In fact, I thought we had a fairly decent relationship with ATF, and since I was a “good guy” who always tried to cooperate with them whenever I could, I figured that I had nothing to worry about.  Boy, was I wrong.  On one visit a few years ago, ATF went through EVERYTHING, including things that had already been inspected in the past.  I got violated for old items, new items, items that had been reviewed and not violated before, and on and on.  I couldn’t believe it.  By the end of the inspection, I felt like a criminal in my own store.  I even got written up for selling two Glocks to the local Sheriff’s Department on letterhead and with a purchase order!  ATF argued it was a straw purchase since I sold the guns to the quartermaster even though I knew the guns were for the department and not her!

When ATF decided to come down on me, I was devastated.  I only wish I had hired FFLGuard before then so my whole livelihood wouldn’t have been at risk.  At every step of the process, ATF tried to steamroll me, and frankly, they did a pretty good job.  If it would have been up to me to defend myself, I would have been out of business and bankrupt.  Counsel at FFLGuard, however, stood with me every step of the way and defended me both as a FFL and as a person.  When ATF pushed, FFLGuard pushed back, but it was about more than just fighting.  What I really wanted was a peaceful solution that would allow me to work with ATF going forward, stay in business, and most importantly, be a model of compliance so I will never have to worry about these types of problems again.  FFLGuard accomplished all of that and more, and I will forever be grateful to them for that.

Jerry Stehman, Jerry’s Outdoor Sports in Grand Junction, CO
(970) 245-1502

Belleville Indoor Shooting Range

FFLGuard has provided our store with top-notch legal services.   They’ve represented us in the courtroom and in our dealings with ATF and we can say first-hand they are trustworthy and talented.  We’ve achieved peace of mind of through our implementation of FFLGuard’s Law Plus Guidelines at our store and are catching potential violations that might have gone unnoticed before.  Because of our success with internal controls, we have opted to open another store which has been a success!  We are proud to participate in FFLGuard and highly recommend it.

Steven King, Belleville Indoor Shooting Range in Belleville, IL
(618) 234-9690

El Cajon Gun Exchange

FFLGuard created an easy, understandable system that informs and educates management and provides the very necessary foundation for proper store policy.

In a nutshell, when a dealer fully embraces FFLGuard, they very quickly become a difficult target for an aggressive ATF inspector.  FFLGuard provides legal representation, good advice, and easy access to both of those things.  FFLGuard does exactly what the name says it does.  I would sooner get caught with my fly down in public than to take the FFLGuard sticker off the door.

Ron Godwin, El Cajon Gun Exchange in El Cajon, CA
(619) 579-5152

Shadow Valley Arms Co.

Our experience has been excellent concerning the FFLGuard program. We have grown to 4 locations, and we were almost overwhelmed with the basics of our business. We felt that ATF requirements were not getting the proper attention they deserved. We were able to implement FFLGuard’s Law Plus Guidelines to organize our systems, and after about a 6-8 week implementation and training period, we felt like we were finally on top of things.  We have since been through 4 ATF compliance inspections, and our violations are down significantly. A giant relief… as only a gun shop owner can know and understand.

I highly recommend FFLGuard, as their responsiveness and insight is second to none.

David Vogel, Shadow Valley Arms Co. in Ogden, UT
(801) 510-5972

Top Gun

FFLGuard has been an invaluable resource for helping us correct the issues we had and avoiding others in the future.  While we had always done our best to operate in compliance with the regulations, it is often hard to find answers and to sort out all of the conflicting information that is out there. Thus, we knew we had issues to get straightened out, but we were unsure how to go about doing it.  FFLGuard accomplished this goal for us.  At our most recent inspection by ATF, they commented how they could tell almost to the day when we started implementing the FFLGuard “Law Plus” Guidelines, and we would have had many violations had we not done so.  Not surprisingly, the inspection went great, ATF praised our efforts, and we owe much of our success in this regard to FFLGuard and its responsive and knowledgeable lawyers.

Julie Johnson, Top Gun in Houston, TX
(713) 779-4867

Mega Sports

I find being an FFLGuard client to be a huge benefit to my business. The FFLGuard “eBlasts” alone are worth their weight in gold, as they constantly clarify and reinforce the need to stay on top of all important nuances of BATF regulations. I feel that having an experienced team of dedicated lawyers and subject matter experts from FFLGuard behind me — a team that’s always there when I need them — only helps protect my business.

Mark Daniels, Mega Sports in Plainfield, IL
(815) 577-2100

Second Amendment Sports

FFLGuard helped us look at our record-keeping from a different perspective.  We always wanted to be compliant, but now we truly focus on perfection.  It is a different paradigm, yet appropriate for what we do.  Without our FFL, we would be out of business, no question!  And we do not see the ATF relaxing their standards, so through FFLGuard we’ve adjusted ours to be beyond their expectations.

Matt Janes, Second Amendment Sports in Tucson, AZ
(520) 325-3346


Bakersfield, CA (661)

Guns ‘N Gear

My husband may be “the gun guy” who knows the ins and outs of our operation, but with FFLGuard there to help us, it certainly helps me sleep at night.

Patrice Gapen, Guns ‘N Gear in Cheyenne, WY
(307) 632-4867

Whittaker’s Guns

[FFLGuard is…] the premier, national authority on “everything legal” when it comes to the ATF. They’re a top notch organization and Chris [Chiafullo] is great to work with. He has a knowledgeable team that can get you going in the right direction.

Darrick Caraway, Whittaker’s Guns in Owensboro, KY
(270) 229-0140

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