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We recently had two clients come in HOT after being served with revocation notices.  We only accept these cases if we feel there is some aspect of their case that could benefit the good of the FFLGuard collective, and these two cases fit the bill.

That doesn’t detract, however, from the inevitable: revocation is a VERY difficult minefield to navigate successfully.  If you haven’t read my Open Letter to ATF re the Revocation Process, you should acquaint yourself with it.  The process is so one-sided in favor of the government and against the licensee, success is difficult to achieve.

Once the revocation notice has been issued to an FFL, it is the equivalent to already being in the ER with your chest cracked open, and asking us to perform a quadruple bypass.  We’re your best chance at survival, for sure, but loss of life (or, in this case, of license) is a very REAL and LIKELY result.

This is why — NOW, MORE THAN EVER — FFL’s should talk to us long before they are on the operating room table….  Our mantra for years has been: “Let us give you the cholesterol medication you need so you never, ever need invasive heart surgery.”  My preventative medicine theme was so powerful that other players in the firearms industry adopted it, almost verbatim!

There is no more powerful risk management tool for you than FFLGuard.  While some commercial insurance policies will certainly provide money for your defense, they don’t guarantee your success… only that your lawyer will be paid.  Many times, that lawyer is us. But we prefer to keep our “patients” alive through proactive measures.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

There’s one statistic that we are quite proud of: no client who ever joined FFLGuard COLD has ever even gone to a revocation hearing, let alone actually being revoked.  EVER.

Now, more than ever… FFLGuard.

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The Gold Standard in Legal Services and Compliance Solutions for the Firearms Industry